Handballs of fun hurled around at dawn
rolling in a blanket of white in the chill of morn
Love’s own creation, still and white as cotton
with a carrot-mouthed grin and gleaming eyes of button
A dry blast of chill on my cheek a mere caress
as I savor the picturesque awe of nature’s prowess
Little icy flakes warm our hearts from skies so empty
and like a chastising torrent, form an envelope of purity
As if to hide the world’s flaws and mendacities
A consequent veil of our blatant iniquities
Indeed a show of divine goodwill, this is
for the season’s new birth comes in peace
And as you fill the world with your grace, I pray
Do so to my penitent soul , my Lord, and stay

 ~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi
December, 1998,
First White Christmas, Randallstown, Maryland

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