odysseyjoyfulhope2I wait in joyful expectancy
My heart ready to be filled
By Joy beyond compare
From a boundless cosmos of joy
I wait in peaceful expectancy
My soul ready to be embowered
By peace beyond compare
From a limitless tornado of calm
I wait in loving expectancy
My being ready to be consumed
By love beyond compare
From a fiery ocean of love
I wait to receive Joy, peace, and love
Gifts from a babe in swaddling clothes
God made man, on earth he stooped
My sins he bore to gift me life and hope
I wait in joyful, peaceful, and loving hope
A slave no more, the daughter of the King
Abundant blessings bestowed on me according to my faith
O what greater love than this.
~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi
December 21, 2014

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