Book Two: The Journey of OlaRose & Obiola

Odyssey of a Soul, Book Two
Odyssey of a Soul, Book Two

Book Two: The Journey of OlaRose & Obiola, my NICU babies …, With love to Obiola, our twin angel and hero,  is  a mother’s brave, nostalgic and spiritually uplifting account of a high risk twin pregnancy and the struggles, trials, sorrows  and triumphs that followed.

Part One: Before I formed you in the womb – is a testimony of the struggle of two innocent souls from the moment of conception.

Part Two: Poems to my Twin Angels: Echoes from the womb –  The author takes one through a remarkable and intense bittersweet journey, as she awaits the birth of her miracle babies: OlaRose and Obiola, who are eventually born premature. It is a collection of poems written during her hospitalization for pregnancy complications, giving her courage, solace and hope in the midst of a lot of uncertainty and fear of the unknown, as she bravely chooses to continue her pregnancy. She pours out her thoughts, fears, hopes, prayers, and conversations with her babies through their ordeal: true echoes of the womb.  It takes one into the real personalities of these babies and their surreal connection with their mother.

Part Three: In memory of Obiola, our angel and hero – The author takes us through the passionate journey of premature birth of her babies, losing her son, and the deep emotions stirred in a close-knit family and community. It is a soulful collection of poems and tribute to Obiola, the little angel and hero, from the extended family on his memorial, showing how the loss of an innocent soul affects an entire community.

Part Four: The NICU Diary of OlaRose – The author keeps a diary as she cares for her precious, one pound daughter, OlaRose, in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Through her eyes, one has a deeper understanding of the emotional experience of being a mother of a micro preemie in the NICU, and the impact of losing a child from the unique perspective of not just a mother, but a NICU physician. It is a personal journey of hope, pain, loss, and the will to survive. This diary gives healthcare professionals an understanding of the over-whelming emotions NICU parents’ experience, and parents in similar situations, a glimpse of what lies ahead and  hope to endure.