About the book

OdysseybookcoverOdyssey of a Soul … A Poetic memoir is a four book collection of poetry, prose and personal life experiences written over a seventeen year period (1999-2016). It is a story of life, love, loss, and faith in divine providence. It makes for a heart-warming reading and a real solace to anyone who believes in God, love, family, and miracles.

This poetic memoir is an indeed refreshing and soul-searching sequel to the author’s first book of poetry as a teenager, Image of a Soul. We are immersed in it as the child becomes a woman, and gives back to life as good as she gets. It is poetry. It is art. It is life… as she bares her soul… and in so doing finds strength and peace within. It can be whatever you want it to be. Hopefully, you’ll find in it a little bit of your own…

Book One: The evolution of Millie Ola – Here, the author’s romantic dreams mature as she explores the thrills of life’s twists and turns to discover her chosen path and imbibe the gripping realities of the joys, pains and phantoms of love, faith, and life.

Book Two: The Journey of OlaRose & Obiola, my NICU babies …, With love to Obiola, our twin angel and hero, is a mother’s nostalgic and spiritually uplifting account of a high risk twin pregnancy and her fight to save the lives of her unborn babies …true echoes from the womb. It is an intense bittersweet journey through the thrills of the struggles, trials, sorrows and triumphs that followed the premature birth of her one pound babies, the loss of her son, and her diary account of caring for her surviving daughter in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), from the unique perspective of a mother and a NICU physician.

Book Three: A Divine Mercy Experience – is the thrilling story of how the author’s life is divinely saved from the life-threatening consequences of an unsuspecting ruptured brain aneurysm, her miraculous recovery to full health, and how this intimate encounter with God’s Fatherly love and mercy permeates her life through life’s troubling waters.

Book Four: The Way of Trust and Love – The author seeks the peace and joy that comes with a total abandon to God’s will in her life and complete trust in His unwavering love.