Your Love O Lord


I thirst for Your love O Lord
To fill me with your divine mercy
And quench my being from within
Where no human love can reach

I hunger for Your love, O Lord
To renew my soul and body
And feed this insatiable need
that no human love can satisfy

I yearn for Your love, O Lord
To burn fiery fires of your desire in my soul
And satisfy this hollow longing
That no human love can fill

I trust in Your love, O Lord
To wipe away all my doubts and fears
And fill my soul with belief and faith
That no human love can provide

I trust in Your will, O Lord
To lead me to my destiny
And bestow on me everlasting life
That no human love can  give

I believe in Your love
I trust in Your Divine mercy; and
I submit to Your Holy will O Lord who Knows tomorrow…
because you give the best to only those
who let you make the choice in their lives.

~Olachi Joy  Mezu-Ndubuisi
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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