odysseymeasuremeMeasure me O Lord, level and  flattened
That I may decrease while You increase

Measure my joy, O Lord
That I may not become elated
Knowing that of my own, I am nothing
All good comes from You, through You, and for You alone

Measure my pain, O Lord
That I may not wallow in self-pity
But rejoice knowing that I share Your passion
And that through suffering, I am drawn closer to You

Measure my love, O Lord
That it may increase only for You
And decrease to self-interests and desires
For You alone love me beyond compare
Pampering me beyond my wildest imaginations
You take me to the mountain peak to touch the skies
Who am I that You love me so, mere sinful mortal?
Measure my joy, so full, else I burst
Out of pure love of You

Measure my fear, O Lord
That I may trust You and only You
You guard me from all evil
And only allow what’s good for my soul
Even road blocks, become spring boards to greater heights
Derailed, the narrow path becomes the chosen one to salvation
Mistakes are missed opportunities, now new directions                                                                                                                                                                                  In darkness, light shines forth from my soul
Alone, You fill me with Your presence
Slander becomes chants of accolades, all to Your glory
I marvel at Your divine plan, my majesty
Whom shall I fear, mere mortals?
So my love, measure me, level and flattened
That I may decrease while You increase

Olachi Joy Mezu-Ndubuisi

August 30th, 2014

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