odysseyexpectantblessingsEXPECTANT BLESSINGS

I’m looking forward to tomorrow
I linger expectantly about the future
Something beautiful is about to happen
Something amazing beyond my wildest imagination

I wonder what’s around the corner
I inhale expectantly this breath of anticipation
Something big is about to be revealed in my life
Something magnificent beyond my vision

You take me places I have never even dreamed of
You amaze me with blessings, beyond what I deserve
You shower me with graces,  above my needs
You take me to heights, I could never reach on my own

You sustain me daily
Revealing Your goodness one glimpse at a  time
Else my human heart would not contain such blessings
Such joy and bliss, beyond that which I wish for myself

I am so humbled by Your unconditional love
I am in awe that You exalt me to lofty heights
I am so undeserving of the gifts You give me
Even my misfortune, You turn to great fortune

Your plan indeed is a mystery
I am learning to trust you in good or bad
Knowing that You have the world in your hands
And all shall work for the good of my soul

So as the storm brews around me
As the obstacles appear and clouds darken
My heart is still, my soul is calm
My spirit bubbling with expectancy

I brave the storm, knowing clear skies are ahead
I step on my obstacles, knowing  they propel me to greater heights
Through the pain, my soul waits in peaceful expectancy,
Knowing that the blessings I am about to receive are beyond compare

~By Olachi  Joy Mezu-Ndubuisi, Odyssey of a Soul, Book 4

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