Come to me O Spirit of Life

odysseycomespirit2COME TO ME  O SPIRIT OF LIFE

Come to me O Spirit of Life
Fall on me like the dew fall at dawn
Renew, invigorate, and revive
That I may live for you

Come to me O Spirit of Truth
Shine on me like the rays at dawn
Ignite, illuminate my soul
That I may know that you live in me

Come to me O Spirit of wisdom
Descend like the fall leaves in abundance
Enrich, overcome my soul
That your work may flow through me

Come to me O Spirit of Peace
Blow like the breath of dawn
Abide within me and make thy home
That my will may be united with thine

Come O All Knowing and Powerful Triune Spirit
Infuse me with your grace
Transform my meagre efforts and quest for truth
That all may be for your honor and glory

~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi

October 26, 2014

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