Suffering, I Embrace You

You are my saving grace
My cup of salvation
I drink you with joyful thirst

Your sting is  gone
I embrace your thorns
With warmth and love

I used to be fearful and anxious of you
I did not understand if God loved me
Why he would let me suffer so?
Soon, I grew to accept that you existed

I soon knew that I suffer because God loves me
Through my suffering I was sanctified
He bears my suffering with me
I only need to trust in Him and accept His love
His grace is sufficient to overcome all

Still, I tried to pray you away
Relieved when you were gone
Living in fear of your lurking
Defeated when you returned

Now I understand you’re my ladder to heaven
I fear you not,
I expect you, welcome you and I am battle ready
I am embowered with divine weapons of love, peace and joy
Willing to be molded like clay, refined with fire like Gold
Ready to bear your scars of victory,
With which my maker will know me

Please come and stay
Your bring my sins and imperfections to light
My opportunities to receive God’s grace and mercy
And become a victim of His love
Through you,  my soul is cleansed and healed
My character is refined and my love tested

You are my road to calvary
Death to self, like Christ on the cross
If borne with patience and love
You exalt me to higher heights
Drawing me closer to my suffering Christ

Victorious I am over you
I can offer you up with every sting
Numb to pain, gall tastes like nectar for real
Because of the unshakable trust in He who knows tomorrow
Believing the suffering is leading me to my abundance, my victory, my destiny
Not just for aye but for here and now

By Olachi Joy Mezu-Ndubuisi
December 21, 2014, Odyssey of a Soul, Book 4


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