imageLike you did the Magi of Old
Today, you have revealed yourself to us,  O Lord
An epiphany in our hearts
You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Come to us like a babe,
Born of flesh from the womb of the virgin

Like the Magi of old,
Let our eyes be opened to see the star of life
Let our mind be opened to accept its glory
Let our hearts be open to seek its guiding light

Like the Magi of old,
Let us follow the star in our lives
The sign in the heavens
The cross of salvation,
To lead us to the fountain of life

Like the Magi of old,
Let us humbly seek the truth that we do not know, but long for
And not like the scribes and wise men
who knew the truth, but did not seek it
Let us realize the vanity of earthly Kings
and seek the treasures of our heavenly King

Like the Magi of Old,
Let us bring our offerings of gold, frankincense and myrrh
To Christ the savior dwelling in our hearts
And offer them to him and his mother
Our treasures, our praise, our sufferings
That she may bless them with her grace
And he may sanctify them with his presence

Like the Magi of old,
May this epiphany change our hearts
May this encounter with the light of salvation
Help us redirect our paths back to God
Not through our old, sinful ways;
But through a new path we will walk
To bring this saving light to all we meet
The king, the savior, this babe
dwelling meekly in peace, love, and joy within us.

Olachi J. Mezu-Ndubuisi
Jan 8th, 2012, Chicago, IL

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