OdysseyToday2Today is the first day of the best year of my life
Today, I accept my humanity, but claim my divine heritage
Today, I unlock my doors of opportunities
Today, I reap my harvest of success
Today, I release yesterday’s sorrow
Today, I embrace tomorrow’s happiness
Today, I am thankful for the daylight
Today, I am grateful for the approaching dusk
Today, I give my all in faith
Today, I receive God’s all in love
Today, I know will be a great day
Today, I expect graces in abundance
Today, my cup of gall will be tomorrow’s drink of nectar
Today, I will bear my sufferings meekly,
Today, an even better tomorrow is only a heartbeat away.
Today will be great, but my best days are yet ahead

~Olachi Joy Mezu-Ndubuisi
January 4, 2015

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