Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus
It’s a miracle! I’m alive!
My soul is filled with thanks to you Lord
For saving me from the hands of death
I am a lowly sinner, but you did not forsake me
I called to you in the hour of my need,
And you heard my voice
In my darkness, I saw your saving light
You let your rays of divine mercy fill my brain, body and soul
And brought me back to life, a life renewed.

My soul is overwhelmed with joy at the goodness of the Lord.
God loves me so, ooh how He loves me so
He did not let me despair in the hour of darkness
but surrounded me with his angels
to protect me from the fangs of evil.
He surrounded me with love, filling my heart with hope.
He gave me the blessing of his sacrament, of his anointing
To give me strength and renewed faith.

Who am I to deserve your love, O Lord
How you love me so, my poor soul is humbled.
Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! My lips will never tire to say it
For the rest of my earthly life that you have loaned me
My mouth will sing your praises forever

Here I am my God
Renew my spirit and strengthen it
Pour the light of your divine mercy into my heart
and chase away all the shadows of darkness
Fill my soul with your divine presence
Consume my heart with your divine love
Let your light shine forth from mine
That all may see, “not me”, but only “your light”

When I hurt, let your light heal it
When I feel lonely, let your presence comfort me
When I am impatient, let your patience guide me
When I am angry, let your love soothe me
When I am weak, let your spirit strengthen me
When I am discouraged, let your fire revive me
When I am scared, let your arms shield me
When I am proud, let your heart humble me
When I bear grudges, let your divine mercy free me
When I suffer, let your passion strengthen me

O Lord, make a home in my heart and never leave
Mend its broken walls of faith, seal its holes with love
You are all I want, you are all I need
Bless my life, that it may be a reflection of yours
Bless my eyes, that I may see you in all I meet
Bless  my lips, that I may speak your word and truth always
Bless my voice, that I may sing your praises all my life
Bless my ears, that I may hear your voice in the silence of my heart
Bless my silence, that I may listen to your word
Bless my hands, that I may do your will in my work and life
Bless my legs, that I may follow where you lead
and never stray from you
Bless my thoughts, that I may think of your goodness and never evil
Bless my work, that I may offer it in praise to you.

Teach me to love like you would
Show me to care the way you would
Let me die to self and live for you alone
In the depths of darkness, shine your light that I may see
Like a blind man, I will follow where you lead
and trust in your divine will
For you will never forsake your child
You hold true to your promises
Show me the way Lord, that I may do your will
Help me care for the sick and dying: unborn, newborn, young and old
You saved me, not for anything I could do
But because You are love and mercy itself

For the sake of your sorrowful passion
Have mercy on us, and on the whole world
When others seek to harm us, help us to bless them
When others mock us, help us to pray for them
When others are mean and speak ill of us, help us to be kind to them
When others persecute us and accuse us falsely,
help us to forgive them
When others hate us, help us to show them love
When others quarrel with us,
hold our tongues and help us speak peace
When others take unjustly from us,
enrich our hearts that we may suffer no loss
When others ask and don’t give, help us to still give with all our hearts
When others do not appreciate us, help us to appreciate them
When others judge us harshly or falsely, help us not to judge them
When others do evil to us, help us to always be good to them
When others have wronged us, help us to forgive them
For the sake of your sorrowful passion,
Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi
~August 22nd, 2009


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