The God, I Serve


I want to tell you about the God, I serve

He is a fixer-upper and a world connector

He is a record-breaking, life-changing, Ever-living God!


Before I think it, He does it

While I dream it, He fulfils it

When I can’t find it, He shows it

When I make little efforts, He magnifies it

When I can’t finish it, He completes it

When I make a mistake, He covers it


When I don’t know it, He teaches me

When I don’t feel it, He touches me

When I can’t love, He loves me

When I don’t succeed, He promotes me

When I’m lonely, He hugs me

When I’m empty, He fills me

When I’m sorrowful, He gives me Joy


Whatever I ask, he gives it to me

Not just my heart’s desire, but more than I could ever wish for

For He knows what is good for me

And He who owns the whole world and ayonder

Loves me beyond compare

So, I trust Him with my heart and life

Whatever may come my way, I will not fear , worry or be sad

Because He will always turn it into a greater good


This cross is not my downfall, but will indeed make me great

It will bring forth my impurities

So He can polish them like gold

That I may shine bright like His star, His joy that I am

That is the God I serve

Who I can call Abba, Father


~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi

September 17, 2015

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