I am madly in love with You
You overwhelm me with Your love
You surround me with Your presence
I feel You with every breath of mine
I feel my heart palpitate as Yours touches mine
My blood boils as Yours courses through my veins
My soul soars as You move above the firmament


Ardent lover, Your passion is unmatched
You read my mind and soul like no other.
Before I wish it, You grant it.
My desires, You command the heavens to fulfil
My crosses, You make feather light with your love
My pain You take away, leaving me with joy
The Joy You give is beyond my imagination
My tears overflow in awe of Your love.
A love like no other, that I’ve dreamed and longed for all my life
Only to find it within me, neglected and alone.
It took a spark of love to reignite for eternity.
Now, it burns fiercely, my heart can almost not contain it


Heavenly Potter, You mold me like clay
Artist of beauty, You make me a masterpiece
Ancient of days, You wrote my past
Light of the world, You  illuminate my future
Quiet brook of living waters,  You fill me with your peace
Fountain of life, You quench my thirst;
Saving bread, You nourish my soul


I am dust and to dust I will return, yet You love me so.
Thank You for loving me, choosing me, and blessing me
My tears of joy at Your goodness, You turn to jewels in my life
The plots of the evil one, You turn to my victory
I am so madly in love with You, my LOVE
~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi




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