I see you my Lord 
On fire on the cross
burning with love for me
With yearning, I run to you 
I throw myself into your burning furnace of love

Set me ablaze with you my love
Light up the cold, dark cisterns in my soul 
That I may yield only warmth from this fiery heat 
Set my heart on fire forever 
so my blood burns with truth perfusing my organs 
Rekindle any flickering flames
That they send out only flickers of peace

May I shimmer with the light of your grace
Glow with the touch of humility
Purified by the heat of unwavering trust
Smothered with the ashes of compassion
Only to be set ablaze with fires even more fierce
So that united in suffering and love with your fires of life 
I may die to self in your burning flames 
And you now live forever in me

~Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi
August 18,  2013
Chicago, Illinois



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