The Visitation

Come to me O blessed Mother
Virgin Immaculate
Visit me in my hour of need
Like you did your cousin Elizabeth
Let the light of your presence
Shine forth on the fruits of my womb
And my soul will be glad
That my two angels may jump for joy
at your holy countenance
And in the presence of your divine Son
Just as St. John felt while resting in the womb

Come to be with me O blessed Mother
Comfort me in my hour of distress
Still the raging fires in my body
Calm the torment in my soul
Pour forth your grace on me
that my body may heal and be strong
So that I may carry my precious gifts within
to a safe delivery, healthy and strong.
Come to me O blessed Mother
Visit me in my hour of need.

March 4, 2007
Baltimore, MD written while hospitalized for high risk twin pregnancy


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