Make Them Whole



Make Them Whole
by Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi

God the Father, give them life
Creator of souls, save them
Maker of Us, make them whole
God the Son, be with them
Word made fle
sh, save them
Blood of Christ, inebriate them
Body of Christ, make them whole
God the Holy Spirit, possess their souls
Giver of Life, breathe for them
Spirit of life, fill their souls
Healer of souls, make them whole

Jesus, the child, be their age
Stay with them, comfort them
Hold their hands, play with them
So they never feel alone
Guardian angel, keep them safe
Keep watch day and night
Ward off all evil and demons
Guide their blood flow and keep them whole

Mary our Queen and Mother dear
Embrace them and wrap them in your bosom
Pour your graces unto them
Care for them and love them as your own
Heavenly hosts, keep watch over them
Nourish them, body and soul
Heal their body, give them courage
Let the blood of life flow within them
Make them whole

Father, Son and Spirit divine
I commend my darling angels to you
OlaRose and Obiola, my precious twins;
Keep them healthy and whole for aye.

March 3, 2007 Baltimore, MD written while hospitalized for high risk pregnancy complications.